The thing is, is that I get it. I know how it feels to plan your wedding. I know the decisions you have to make & the commitment you're making. I also know the excitement. The excitement that is not just about  seeing your ideas actually come to life, but the smile that spreads across your face when you think of everyone together. In one place - having a damn good time - celebrating you two. Together. And  I know it's about the experience, the whole thing, from start to finish. I book only 23 weddings a year maximum, because I know the experience matters. The thing is, is that I get it. I know how it feels to be in love. Utterly in love. With the person you're going to marry the people in your life.  I photograph weddings because they are beautiful on so many levels and because they matter.  My aim is to show you your story, your day, in a fresh, stylish, real, crazy beautiful way.

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